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Evaporative Systems

A great range of evaporative air conditioners

We offer a wide range of evaporative air conditioners to suit most budgets and only use the highest quality brands and parts for each installation. One of the best aspects of this type of system is it offers a highly energy efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective cooling process for the entire home or office buildings. 

Evaporative cooling works by drawing in the hot and dry outside air into the unit through special water soaked pads. As this happens the water is evaporated and the heat in the air is absorbed which lowers the air temperature. A fan then pushes this cooled air through a ducting system to all parts of the property. Most systems also offer a fan only mode, which is an even cheaper way to cool each room. 

The initial outlay is significantly less than that of a refrigerated system and the savings do not stop there. The operating costs are far less expensive than traditional air conditioners so you can enjoy lower electricity bills throughout the summer. There is also the option to run the system using solar power. The lower running costs means it is very environmentally friendly. 

Another great benefit is because the cooling process is totally natural, it will not dry out the air which means it is gentler on your eyes, skin and throat than traditional air conditioning.  

To allow the system to work the air must be allowed to circulate so a window or door should be left ajar for the air to escape. This means your entire home or office complex enjoys a complete change of air every two minutes – how refreshing is that?!

Our Evaporative units can be used to replace your existing a/c or as a completely new installation. For the entire system you will need to purchase 3 parts:
The unit, that mounts on the roof.
  • The dropper, that connects the air ducts inside the roof to the unit on the roof.
  • The EAC air handling kit, containing the ducts and grills.

If you are re-powering your existing system it is important to check the dropper for rust and integrity as both units and droppers have a similar life span.