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Hitachi Air Conditioners

Hitachi is at the forefront of advanced technology and a leader in innovative inverter air conditioning systems, thus in a position to offer the best advantages to all customers. 

The company has been investing an impressive level of resources into improving climate control options for more than thirty years and thanks to a high level of local support and technical expertise, is able to offer customers an exceptional service

Hitachi Ducted Air Conditioners

These air conditioners are ideally suited to smaller spaces. They utilise the transformative power of DC technology and is exclusive in its provision of a stepless inverter control which helps achieve superior operating efficiency.  They are available in a large range of capacities with one-to-one split and multi-head options. Hitachi's ducted systems deliver an outstanding level of comfort, convenience and reliability.

Our Hitachi Ducted System Install Kits make the units easy to fit. The kits include all items required to hang or mount the indoor Fan Coil Unit, ground mount the outside condenser unit and connect indoor and outdoor units together.

Hitachi Split System Air Conditioners

Most customers are keen to reduce energy costs and Hitachi's DC inverter PAM (Power Active Module) technology is highly adept at achieving an exceptionally high level of energy efficiency. In addition to ecological functioning, Hitachi's air conditioners stand out due to their extremely low noise levels. Whilst in cooling mode Hitachi’s minimum run noise is just 22dB(A) – that makes even breathing louder than a Hitachi air conditioning unit!

Also available are our Hitachi Split System Install Kits, containing the units and all the additional items required to perform a standard installation.