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Panasonic Air Conditioners

Panasonic has more than 30 years’ experience and exports to over 120 countries around the world, making it an industry leader within the world of air conditioning. The company is also recognised internationally as being at the top of the game in respect of innovation, having filed more than 91,539 patents to improve its customers’ lives. By investing in a Panasonic air conditioner a customer is rewarded with exceptional quality and reliability. 

Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioners

Our extensive range of ducted air conditioning solutions are best suited to homes and medium-sized buildings, such as offices and restaurants. They incorporate an outdoor unit and a concealed indoor unit. A ducted system delivers air through ducting pipes (usually in the ceiling) into each room via vents on the floor, wall or ceiling. Panasonic ducted systems are discreet and aesthetically pleasing in design and they allow for great flexibility, which is an important feature when incorporating air conditioning within your home.

In addition our Panasonic Ducted System Install kits include all items required to hang or mount the indoor Fan Coil Unit, ground mount the outside condenser unit and connect indoor and outdoor units together.

Panasonic Split Air Conditioners

Thanks to superb features including Aerowings, iAutoX, quiet operation and energy saving technology, a Panasonic air conditioner is a discreet but highly essential asset. Each model is thoroughly tested to ensure the climate in your home or work place is perfect all year round, without intruding on your life. This rigorous testing process also incorporates wind and rain tests, during which every mechanism is examined to ensure the units are highly durable and capable of lasting many years. 

The Panasonic Split System Install Kits contain the units as well as every item required to ensure the installation can be performed with ease.