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Split Systems

The most affordable split system air conditioners in WA

Split system air conditioners are usually composed of two parts: an outdoor unit (the condensing unit) and the indoor unit that hangs on the wall and delivers the air. They are ideal for town houses, apartments, small houses, offices, and single rooms within a large building. Our quality split system air con units are both compact and powerful, while still being quiet and energy efficient.

We offer latest range of split system air conditioners feature innovative technology, and are among the most energy efficient split systems ever built. Featuring air-purifying filters, they ensure that fresh, conditioned air flows into the room. You can buy split system air con units in Perth direct from The Air Store and save.

Which split system air conditioner you choose may depend on the capacity of the unit you require and the size of the space you need to cool or heat. Wall mounted units range from 2.0kW  through to 9.5kW