The very best air conditioning at the lowest price

The Air Store is WA’s premier online store, specialising in the supply of the highest quality brand air conditioning systems at the most affordable prices. Operating as an online business, it’s the latest specialist division of WA’s leading air conditioning group. Now offering installation on our range of Split Systems.

This latest initiative is part of our commitment to making our amazing range of air conditioners even more affordable for our customers.

The founders of The Air Store have offered trades an online portal for many years. Now, with the popularity of online shopping soaring, we’ve decided to offer both contractors and customers alike the luxury of purchasing their air conditioning equipment online.

The Air Store now also sells direct to the public making air conditioning a luxury every household can enjoy. We offer discount prices on Splits, Ducted, Evaporative, portable and a range of A/C components and accessories. Wholesale pricing is available for trade customers who are ordering repeat purchases with additional discounts for bulk purchases.

We strive to offer the best value pricing on all the Air Conditioning Systems we sell, plus a statewide delivery service as well as pick up options in Perth, Western Australia.
We fulfil orders quickly and easily as one of the largest on-site stockholders of leading air con brands in WA.

All products can be delivered at competitively low prices and within a very short time frame. Our unbeatable prices and fast delivery times are something we are extremely proud of. All Air Conditioning systems we sell are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


A huge range of split, ducted, portable and evaporative systems – the best on the market.

The Air Store is your one-stop, online shop for all your air conditioning needs. So if you want to stay cool in summer and warm in winter, buy direct and save.

The most affordable split system air conditioners in WA

Split system air conditioners are usually composed of two parts: an outdoor unit (the condensing unit) and the indoor unit that hangs on the wall and delivers the air. They are ideal for town houses, apartments, small houses, offices, and single rooms within a large building. Our quality split system air con units are both compact and powerful, while still being quiet and energy efficient.

We offer the very latest range of split system air conditioners featuring innovative technology and our products are among the most energy efficient split systems ever built. Featuring air-purifying filters, they ensure that fresh, conditioned air flows into the room. You can buy split system air con units in Perth direct from The Air Store and save yourself valuable money in the process.

The split system air conditioner you choose will depend on the capacity of the unit you require and the size of the space you need to cool or heat. Wall mounted units range from 2.0kW  through to 9.5kW

Take control of your indoor climate with ducted air conditioning

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is the ultimate climate control solution for your whole home or office. It can be tailored to suit your exact requirements and will quietly, effectively and inconspicuously allow you to take total control of your indoor climate.

Ducted air conditioners are exceedingly popular in Perth due to their discreet design. In comparison to other air conditioning systems, they’re less intrusive on your home, due to the unit being hidden within the roof space. All that is visible are the discreet grills that are mounted in the ceiling. Ranging in size from 2.5kW to 16kW, ducted air conditioners are a suitable, quiet option for both homes and businesses.

The Air Store – enjoy the perfect temperature around the clock at a price you can afford.