Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems are a highly efficient and an affordable way to keep your home cool during the summer months and warm throughout the winter. They allow you to take complete control of your indoor climate in each and every room. 

Ducted air conditioning allows for various rooms in your home to be connected to one air conditioning system.

How Does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

Ducted air conditioning works, in cooling mode, by taking warm outside air and turning this into cool inside air through the use of refrigerant. This cool air is then pumped through a series of ducting to each zone or room in your home, which then allows air to flow out through the outlets. This circulation is normally zoned which allows for you to have precise airflow control, temperature adjustments and provides the ability to turn zones off and on. This helps to reduce the running costs of your ducted air conditioning system all whilst creating a more comfortable temperature throughout your home or office.

Take Control of Your Indoor Climate with Ducted Air Conditioning

Our range of ducted systems are available as units and controllers only, or as kits with capacities from 5.0kW to 16kW. We offer such an extensive selection because we want to make our product range suit every household’s or business’s budget. 

One great advantage of installing ducted system air conditioning is that it caters for your entire home or office building. The cooling effect is softer than individual units as rather than dispersing a singular blast of cool air, the cooling or heating is gently dispersed around each room.


The ducted system allows for very specific air control in each room. Thanks to zoning in each room you can decide whether how much airflow you wish to flow through, shut the zone altogether or simply leave as is, thus saving you money as there is no unnecessary heating or cooling of areas not in use.  

Ducted systems are energy efficient and after the initial outlay and installation you will be left with a product that in the long run will save you valuable money. Rather than having to pay for multiple units to be installed in each room, there will be one central unit doing all the hard work to control the temperature in your building. 

Another benefit of the ducted system is visually it is very unobtrusive. There is no wall mounted unit detracting from the overall appearance of each room, but rather a hidden central controller and discreet air vents in the ceiling. The ducted system also has the advantage of being quieter than a split system. 

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