Portable Air Conditioning

Portable Air Conditioners offer the ultimate in flexible cooling for your home or offices. They are ideal for those wishing to only cool or heat one room at a time and are great for those not seeking an entire property cooling or heating system.

There are two smaller units available to purchase, which are light weight and compact, and these can offer a great non-permanent comfort solution for small rooms or when caravanning and camping. There are two larger units which offer generous capacities to suit those larger rooms; these are prefect for spot cooling solution. They are also effective dehumidifiers so your space is not just cool but dry.

The units are on castor wheels so can be placed discreetly in the corner of a room and very portable, so can be moved from place to place with ease or stored away when not required. They operate by drawing in the hot air within a room and expelling it through a single duct.

Portable air conditioners are an economical option because not only are they very affordable to buy, they can also be used to supplement a central air conditioning system. There may be certain times of the year when you only require one or two rooms to be heated or cooled, which means you can temporarily suspend use of your main ac controller and make good use of the portable unit, thus reducing your energy bill.

A portable unit is perfect for summer camping. Have you ever fancied a week away in a caravan or tent but cannot face the prospect of being uncomfortable at night and unable to sleep because of the overpowering heat? Simply plug the unit into your powered site and enjoy the same comfort of controlled air temperature you enjoy at home.

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