Samsung Ducted System

Each Samsung Ducted Air Conditioning system will provide an outstanding performance which ensures the ideal temperature in your home or business throughout the year. These highly discreet set ups will guarantee this comfort is achieved discreetly as the primary unit is based within the roof space, with outlets in the ceiling of each room.

Ducted air conditioners provide a steady air flow to every hot or cold spot in the building, thus allowing a fast and even temperature control throughout your home or work space. The range caters to a great variety of climates and The Air Store can help select the system best suited to your needs.

Samsung prides itself on providing reliable units that will be durable and hard wearing for decades to follow. The company is also conscious of the need to be energy efficient, which is why each ducted system is specifically designed with this in mind. The ducted systems can regulate the temperature 24/7, while simultaneously ensuring your energy bills are minimised.

The primary components of your Samsung Ducted System consist of the indoor unit, outdoor unit and controller. Samsung provides a Ducted System Install kit, which includes all items required to hang or mount the indoor fan coil unit, ground mount the outside condenser unit and connect indoor and outdoor units together.

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