Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioners are a good choice for those wanting the comfort of an air conditioning unit in a room or certain area of the house. They are ideal for town houses, apartments, small houses, or offices.

Energy Efficient Split Systems

Our new range of systems boast even more efficiencies and are the most energy efficient split systems yet. These systems include Daikin, which have pleasing design as well as functional appeal. These systems have air purifying filters ensuring that fresh, conditioned air flows to every corner of the room.

The Most Affordable Split System Air Conditioners in WA

We offer some of the most affordable and best range of split system air conditioners in Western Australia. As with all our air conditioning equipment, we sell only the highest quality units that are designed to stand the test of time. 

Split air conditioning systems offer several great advantages and one of these is they offer discreet cooling and heating for your home, as the units are typically not large or obtrusive. From an aesthetic point of view they are slimline and blend in well with other furnishings in a room.

They do not require large holes to be made in walls or the installation of costly ducts. In addition we can place the outdoor compressor unit a fair distance from the split unit itself, thus there is little noise. 

They are very efficient at cooling or heating a room quickly and within moments of switching it to your chosen mode and temperature you will start to feel the benefits. Within several minutes your room will be noticeably cooler or warmer, as desired. 

A Split System can help keep your electricity bill down, because unlike centralised systems which can lose energy due to the heat exchange process in the ducted system, there is no duct work from which energy can escape. Providing the room you are heating or cooling has good insulation, you can control the temperature efficiently without high expenditure. 

Our wall mounted Split Systems are available as units only and also as kits. We offer units with capacities ranging from 2.0kW to 9.5kW and these are ideally suited to town houses, apartments, small houses, offices and single rooms within a large building.

The Unit + Installation kit contains the units and the additional items that are required to perform a standard installation, making the installation process fast and easy. 

The split systems are also suitable for boats and whether you are out at sea, cruising on the river or moored in the marina, you can relax and enjoy the same controlled air temperature you have at home. The condensing unit can be mounted within the engine room or another mechanical area and the unit or units can be placed in the living space. 

Split system air conditioners are also ideally suited to larger boats and ships. Please note you will require a Genset or an Inverter.

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